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The "Rumor Page" concept was started by the City of Glendale, CA as a way to address misinformation circulating about their organization. Their communications director has credited this page with allowing their organization to set the record straight on some controversial issues by allowing them to communicate directly to their residents. 

Here are some examples from Glendale's site:

redX  At an August 20th press conference, Los Angeles Councilmember Huizar states Glendale is acting unfairly by not allowing Los Angeles to use the City of Glendale’s landfill.

greenChkThe City of Glendale held a community meeting Thursday, July 31 in Eagle Rock in coordination with LA City Councilmember Huizar’s office to go over the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the proposed expansion of Scholl Canyon Landfill. Glendale has no immediate plans to proceed with any expansion and possibly may not for quite some time, if ever, depending on the success of the City’s aggressive waste management alternatives.

Learn more here.


redX   Glendale is arbitrarily placing cell towers throughout the City to make money

greenChk False. The intent of the City of Glendale's agreement with Crown Castle is to market pre-designated City owned properties in an effort to drive cell tower development away from sensitive areas. This agreement will prevent cell tower providers from choosing locations without regard for the impacts to the community. By identifying non-sensitive locations and making it easier for service providers to develop facilities, the City hopes to eliminate the practice of "just plant it anywhere."

redX  "Glendale is ticketing residents for browning lawns during a drought."

greenChk  False. The Sacramento Bee incorrectly named the City of Glendale as involved with a Code Enforcement case regarding a browning lawn. The newspaper has since updated the article with the correct name of the city in question. Glendale is not currently issuing citations to residents who have browning lawns but will instead use this time to educate residents and business on how to further conserve water. In the coming week, the Glendale City Council will consider mandating residents reduce their outdoor water usage to 3 days a week, among other changes to reduce water use. Read more about Glendale's conservation efforts on the Glendale Water & Power  website. Residents can update landscaping to be more water efficient with the Glendale Water Wise Gardening website.


redX   "Glendale's PERS obligation is 84% unfunded." 

greenChk Glendale's pension obligation is actually 84% funded thanks to the City Council’s progressive stance on pension reform and the collaboration of our employees. The City’s participation in CALPERS has long been embedded in the City Charter.  Additionally, it is worth noting that Glendale has historically maintained a fiscally conservative view of pensions and retirement obligations, and never offered exotic combinations of pension or retiree medical benefits.

Read more here.