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Build a "Members Only" page

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Members group, password protection, employee portal

Consider before building:

  • Who will have access to these pages? (this is the Member Group)
  • What content will they want available in these locations? (building a page that is filtered to show only certain content)
  1.  Create a Member Group
  2. Create Member Group User Accounts
  3. (You may need to) Create a Member Login Page
  4.  (You may need to) Create a Member Login Portal/Access Link
  5. Build/Select Content that is for the Member Group

Create a Member Group-

  1. Navigate to Administration> Website User Accounts> Member Groups
  2. Name the Member Group

Create Member Group Accounts-

  1. Navigate to Administration> Website User Accounts> Add Website User
  2. Add in all User information and Check ACTIVE
  3. Navigate to the Settings Tab and select the Member Group this person belongs to
  4. Save> add more users (Import function)

Member Login Page and Member Portal Link-

  • When a website user (average employee) wants to see the members only content where will they go? 
  • Most clients want an Employee Login button on their website that can be accessed from the Homepage or the Header/Footer of their pages- this connection is created by:
    • Creating a "Hidden from Navigation" page that is used for the sole purpose of Redirecting the Website User to a Login
    •  Creating a "Link" or "portal Access" on the Homepage or Header/Footer of the website

Build/Select Content that is for the Member Group-

  • just like all of the content that exists to your general site visitors, you must create a page that displays content for your member groups
  • Build the page, but select the Member Group attributed to this content in the Page Details
  • it is best to keep all of your member group pages in the same navigational section (subpages)

Documentation built by Gar Haywood: Creating an Extranet

Test it out-

Vision Employee Portal Portal to Secret Pages: This is a hidden page *

Login with the username:

Password: Simple123!