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 The City of Shakopee, MN utilizes the Residents landing page to provide a welcome from their mayor to those living in the community.

 Here's an example:

Mayor Brad Tabke

On behalf of the Shakopee City Council and city staff, welcome to Visionville. We’re so glad you’ve chosen to make our city your home.

The citizens and businesses of Shakopee take great pride in our city. With its rich history dating back to 1857, Shakopee has long been a community built on the values of hard work and fun. In recent decades, the City has seen dramatic growth in population, businesses and amenities and we are dedicated to keep moving forward.

Shakopee is truly a multi-faceted city. The City is home to one of the state’s largest commercial/industrial parks, as well as a unique riverfront downtown. With Valleyfair, Canterbury Park and other area attractions, Shakopee is located in "RiverSouth, Land of Big Fun" and known as a regional entertainment destination.

But most importantly, Shakopee is a wonderful place to raise a family. We are a diverse community with excellent schools, abundant recreational opportunities, good restaurants, top-notch medical care and the friendliness of a small town. A strong commercial-industrial tax base helps keep property taxes low and housing affordable, while providing a wide range of head-of-household jobs. Plus, Shakopee’s close proximity to Minneapolis-St. Paul provides easy access to the amenities of a large metropolitan area. It's the best of both worlds!

Please look over the information on our New Resident webpage. If you have any questions or would like more information about Shakopee, our staff would be pleased to assist you. The City Hall phone number is (952) 233-9300.


Brad Tabke

City of Shakopee Mayor