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Know Montgomery Fire/Rescue

The City of Montgomery is committed to ensuring that the Capital City's Fire/Rescue Department receives the best equipment, expert training and the most highly qualified personnel to provide our citizens with the best fire service possible. We fully understand the importance of maintaining excellent fire service protection for our citizens, our visitors, and the vast city resources and historical elements. We work to be the most respected and admired fire department in the entire southeast region. Rapid response times and training certainly distinguish a great department from a mediocre one, and we will ensure that our department continues to lead the way and excel in the fire service

Montgomery Fire/Rescue is one of the four agencies that make up the Montgomery Department of Public Safety, which is committed to providing efficient, effective and professional public service to the City of Montgomery, to all residents and to those who work in and visit the Capital City.

Montgomery Fire/Rescue excels in providing this level of service, responding to fire calls and medical emergency calls quickly and effectively. The department has garnered the well-deserved respect of the profession and continues to set the bar as a model agency. In every area of responsibility, from inspections, to fire suppression, to medical emergency response, the expertise and professional conduct of Montgomery Fire/Rescue is clear in every act of service and every citizen encounter. The City of Montgomery deserves nothing less.